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Anniversary Flowers Singapore

Anniversary Flowers in Singapore


Throughout a couple’s entire journey together in life, flowers play a great role in helping them express their love for each other. Flowers are the most alive and divine expressions of love, the reason why flowers are a couple’s go to choice as a gift. Is there a couple you know who are about to celebrate their wedding anniversary? Or perhaps it is your own anniversary that is drawing near? Then without a second thought, choose flowers as your gift; undoubtedly these beauties of nature are sure to captivate the receiver. Fleuri Garden has a beautiful collection of happy anniversary flowers and chocolates for you & the people you care about. Our Professional florist in Singapore handpicked wedding anniversary flowers that are attractively arranged and presented. With the best choices selected specially for you, shop in comfort on our website anywhere, anytime.


FAQ Related to Anniversary Flowers


Q. What kind of flowers do you get for an anniversary?

A. While buying flowers for an anniversary, you have to keep various aspects in mind. For example, the relationship you share with the receiver, year of the anniversary receiver is celebrating, the type of flowers she/he likes, what is her favourite color and what color she dislikes. Also, depending upon the year of anniversary being celebrated you can choose the types of flowers. Have a look at our flowers, gifts and chocolate for the most celebrated ones.


Q. What colour of flowers is ideal for an anniversary?

A. The colour of the flower for anniversary should be picked depending upon the message you wish to convey to the receiver and the relationship you share. The best colour to choose for your wife or husband would be red and orange coloured flowers such as roses, carnations etc. as they represent undying love and passion. The colours you could pick for a friend's or a family's anniversary should be shades of yellow, purple, or a mixed flower bouquets would also work just fine.


Q. What colour roses are for an anniversary?

A. Roses come in a wide spectrum of beautiful colours and one can find a rose for just about any special occasion. Roses are known as flowers of love, so if you wish to gift roses to your wife or husband, you can pick the most vibrant coloured roses like yellow, or purple coloured other than the classic red roses. For your loved ones or friends you may choose pink, yellow or a bouquet of two or three different coloured roses.


Q. What if my spouse love all kinds of flowers?

A. A bouquet of mixed flowers for sure! Be sure to add different colours and types of flowers that complement each other in the bouquet. Most importantly pick flowers with your love in mind, that way you are sure to delight that special someone.



Q. What sort of flowers should I get for a best friend’s first wedding anniversary?

A. Great friendship is radiant and strong like the sun, so yellow would be perfect. For a more personalised approach, it is never wrong to choose flowers and colours that your friend likes. Pick two to three complementing colours to create depth, the bouquet will look simply mesmerising.


Q. I have forgotten my anniversary, what can I get to make it up to my spouse?

A. Whites are perfect for making peace with your loved one, but you can add other colours like reds, yellows to make the bouquet look stunning and appealing if you have forgotten your own anniversary!


Q. Which are the best flower arrangements for a wedding anniversary?

A. Any arrangement that looks bountiful with an array of different coloured flowers will look perfect for this occasion. Make sure to add most popular flowers like different shades of roses, orchids etc. to give that versatility to your flower gift.


Buy Love Filled and Beautiful Anniversary Flowers from Fleuri Garden


Are you thinking of making your anniversary celebration a memorable one with a pompous bouquet of flowers? Then look no further because your florist in Singapore lets you send anniversary wishes with flowers to a lovely couple you know. And as far as we can tell, flowers, gifts and chocolates are the best gifts for any couple in love. So we have created an entire page for anniversary flowers online for Singapore. Take your pick from our exquisite rose, lily, carnation, orchids or mixed bouquets. Select an appropriate flower bouquet based on the years of the couple's marriage, and you not only have a stunning gift but also the one that is very meaningful.


1st Anniversary Flowers

For the 1st wedding anniversary, the young love representing roses are the right pick.


5th Anniversary flowers

5 years into the marriage, a couple's life might settle into a boring routine, but there's still plenty of beauty in it, just like daisies. Choose the simple looking but incredibly beautiful daisies for couples who are celebrating 5 years of marriage. 


10th Anniversary Flowers

10th marriage anniversary makes a couple look back at all their small and big moments together. A bountiful bouquet of tiny carnations represents that perfectly.


15th Anniversary Flowers

The 15th year of marriage intensifies the bond between the couple, making it more passionate and deep. Hence, stargazer lilies are the right pick for the 15th wedding anniversary. 


20th Wedding Anniversary Flower

20 years of togetherness makes couples learn everything about each other. So Madonna lilies, the symbol of knowledge and wisdom are considered 20th anniversary flowers. 


25th Anniversary Flowers

A symbol of strength and royalty, daisies are considered as wedding anniversary flowers for the couple stepping into their 25th year of being married. 


50th Anniversary Flowers

For 50th wedding anniversary, yellow roses and purple represents how two different people came together and created a brilliant life with each other.

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